The Hatter Street Private Investigation Agency Series

Book 1 – Deftly Wrapped

DEFTLY WRAPPED – First book in the Hatter Street Private Investigation Agency Series

Danger lurks around every corner, or is it just a state of mind? 

Chronically suspicious Pember Quinn is the new private investigator in Bury St Edmunds. But when retired detective inspector Clive Merry pays Pember a social visit, he finds his old friend overwhelmed by illness and flooded by cases. Keen to help, Clive volunteers to assist on what appears to be an open and shut fatal SCUBA diving accident.

As Clive wrestles with the limited powers of playing PI, he quickly realises he’ll need to call in favours from his old police contacts. Meanwhile, his old friend isn’t what he used to be — scarred by his time in the military police, and troubled by gangland threats to his life.

Over the course of one week, their investigations uncover lies and obfuscation from their clients. As secrets unravel, trust and friendship become paramount to survival.

It rests on Pember to break a syndicate and solve another killing, but how can he when nothing is what it seems?

DEFTLY WRAPPED is a British detective novel based in rural Suffolk UK. Written in British / UK English.

You will notice that Clive Merry features in Deftly Wrapped, as do both Chrissie and Matt. They live on in the new series – The Hatter Street Private Investigation Agency series.

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