Book Five of the Utterly Crime Series

A Suffolk based crime novel in which a body is found near the railway line in Needham Market while Nick, a carpentry apprentice gets wasted at a gig miles away in Rattlesden.

Knotweed is ugly – and so is murder in Suffolk. Chrissie, Matt and Nick, friends since their Utterly Academy days, follow trails stretching from Bury St Edmunds to Woodbridge and Felixstowe, and discover murky secrets from an abusive past. Throw into the mix a turkey farm, winery and a French flea market pot and you have the ingredients for a perfect murder.[/text_output][text_output]

Reviewers say …

‘Great story with suspense right from the start. Intriguing how all the strands eventually fit together but with some red herrings as to which characters would be involved. Good research into local area and more technical aspects used to develop the storyline. Once again Pauline Manders has kept me gripped all the way to the end – bass man’ (

‘Fast paced, intriguing sub plots. The authors best book yet. The 3 friends continue their adventures in darkest Suffolk. Enjoyable , hard to put down read. Each book in the Utterly series stands alone so if you haven’t had the joy of reading the previous books it doesn’t matter but I recommend you do read them – Saga’ (

‘Good, easy read with a solid plot. Having read the others in the series the characters are developing and are believable. The storyline is easy to follow. Well worth reading this one – Davy W’ (