Audiobook Giveaway

Audiobook Giveaway

Good news – if you live in USA, Australia or Canada! I have a limited number of Giveaway codes for my audiobooks UTTERLY EXPLOSIVE and UTTERLY FUELLED.

But here’s the catch – they are only for listening through the Authors Direct mobile apps and can only be redeemed at

Authors Direct is currently only available for users in USA, Australia and Canada on iOS and Android (non-Kindle) mobile devices. And only through the app, i.e. there is no direct MP3 download available for playback on desktop computers etcetera.

So – if you would like a Giveaway code for the audiobook Utterly Explosive or Utterly Fuelled, then please email me and I will send you a code. (Have a listen to a sample on my audiobook page.)

It sounds a bit complicated, but I have been told by those who have already redeemed a Giveaway Code that they work (and they’re good)!!

Best wishes and good luck,


P.S. If you do redeem and enjoy, a review would be greatly appreciated – Apple; Google; Amazon; Kobo; Downpour