It has been great fun and a very new experience to convert my written pages into an audiobook. I am so lucky to have found Andy Deane, a talented actor based in Bury St Edmunds. He is not only the narrator, but is also skilled enough to edit the recordings. I think the official term would be producer/actor/narrator. (He might put the list in a different order!)

It was very important for me to find a narrator who could ‘do’ a genuine Suffolk accent – not West Country or a miss mash of other accents, but the real deal!

Andy Deane brings the characters to life with his warm versatile voice AND speaks with a genuine soft Suffolk accent when required. (Now that was a mouthful!) I have always been able to imagine my characters voices, but to actually hear them given life is amazing.

The audiobook, Utterly Crushed is available through Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

Cover design by Rebecca Moss-Guyver.