The 7th Utterly Crime novel is released, and once again Rebecca Moss Guyver has designed another terrific cover!

Utterly dusted reduced size RG

Utterly Dusted – the 7th novel in the Utterly Crime Series is available in paperback and ebook format.

The PLOT: Dust clouds can combust with explosive force in the same way that the past can spring up and strike. Chrissie is under pressure with her carpentry business as Christmas approaches. When she is told by DI Clive Merry not to meddle in his cases, she struggles to curb her predictable curiosity. She tries to remain on the sidelines but along with old friends Nick and Matt, is drawn into a whirlpool of stalkers and shadows from the past.

A body is found near a golf course and another is discovered in a water-logged ditch. The tension racks up against the backdrop of an ancient woodland and a search for vintage gifts. The action moves from Bury St Edmunds to Woolpit, Stowmarket to Ipswich, and Onehouse to Framlingham.

I have infused Utterly Dusted with the feel of Suffolk and the gentle humour from the everyday lives of Chrissie, Nick and Matt. This book stands alone  but many of the characters previously seen return as the pace quickens and the past ignites.

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